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There’s going to be a great deal of construction in our region in the coming years. Greater Amsterdam, Greater Haarlem and the Haarlemmermeer have ambitious building plans. There is substantial migration to cities. Seventy-five per cent of the world’s population is expected to be living in a city by 2050! We have an excellent track record as new build advisors and are NVM new build specialists. We were the first in this region to have a separate new build department with specialists to advise you on the often complex process of buying new build property.


Cooperation with suppliers

When it comes to new-build properties we are commissioned by the project developers who build the properties. Because of our knowledge and experience, we often collaborate at an early stage of the development process. As a result, we’re often aware of what’s going to happen from the very start.


Complete presentation

For every new project we give a number of presentations together with the project developer. That can be done at our office, but also during open-house evenings. We provide a complete and realistic picture of the building, the environment, the homes, etc. by means of ‘artist impressions’, brochures, models and computer animations.


Information from start to key

We provide all of the information regarding financing possibilities, the sales launch, the delivery of the property and options for having additional or less work done on the house. As a result, you can make a well-considered choice before the first brick has been laid.


Be on time!

New build properties are extremely popular! If you’re interested in a project, then make sure you’re ready when sales begin. If you want to be the first to know about new projects, then don’t hesitate to contact our new build department! They will immediately let you know when an opportunity arises. We also have a new build-newsletter you can subscribe to.


Tip: put together a financial plan in good time. If desired, we’d be happy to help you with that, together with independent advisors from De Hypotheekshop.

Are you interested in new-build? For all of your questions or to make an appointment, please phone:

Daphne Boere

023 - 542 02 44

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