Moving to a new address in the Netherlands

Expat Guide to the Dutch Housing Market

Moving to a new address in the Netherlands

A new home, a new address. Once you’ve moved, make sure you inform your local municipality within 5 days about your new whereabouts. If you miss this 5-day term, you risk a fine. More about registering your new address in the Netherlands:

Apart from risking a fine if you don’t inform your local municipality that you’ve moved, your taxes and benefits might be affected if your address isn’t registered correctly. This is especially important when you move from one municipality to another because other tax rates or conditions may apply. Also, your residence permit is valid only if your address is stated correctly.

When you move within the same municipality you just inform the department of civil affairs. When you move to a different municipality you inform your new municipality. They’ll send a note to your old municipality.


Registering to a new address

You’ll need the following in order for you to register your new address:

  • ID, so a passport, identification card or residence permit;
  • rental contract or purchase contract of your house;
  • when moving in with someone else, you’ll need their ID and a statement declaring their permission for you to live in with them.

You can either register in person, through mail or online with your DigiD. Check with your municipality what specific rules apply. Sometimes you’ll need to make an appointment at the department of civil affairs, some municipalities accept registrations by e-mail.

Once you’ve registered, the municipality will inform the:

  • Tax Office, your health insurer;
  • DUO (in charge of student loans);
  • RDW (the Dutch Vehicle Authority, in charge of the licensing of vehicles for example);
  • SVB (in charge with the implementation of national insurance schemes).



Apart from your local municipality, don’t forget to inform the following people/institutions, etc.:

Relations: Memberships etc.:
  • Friends
  • ANWB
  • Family
  • Garage
  • Neighbours
  • Pets’ chips
  • Employer / Colleagues
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • School / Study
  • Sports clubs
  • Day care
  • Charity
Subscriptions: Medical:
  • Newspaper
  • Pharmacy
  • Television guide
  • General practitioner
  • Library
  • Dentist
  • Lottery
  • Physiotherapist
  • Specialists
Utility companies:
  • Water
Home services:
  • Gas
Window cleaner
  • Electricity
Chimney sweeper
Central heating service
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Bank
  • Telephone
  • Insurers
  • Notary

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