Interested in finding out how the viewings of your house went every day? Want to have a quick look at this week’s schedule? You can with My NVM.


As a client of Mooijekind Vleut, we provide you with access to My NVM. Your own login and password will give you access to your own purchase or sale file.

We’ll upload all kinds of relevant information and documents here throughout the process: data, correspondence, agenda items and updates of our activities. That way you can remind yourself what we had agreed on at any time or check out what’s planned for this week.


It’s also reassuring to be able to access your own file as we work together to find a buyer for your house or try to find a new home. Because we both have access to the same information, we can respond quickly to new developments or events. This way you’re always aware of the latest state of affairs, just as we are.


>> Go straight to: MyNVM

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