Laurens Offerman – RM RT – Estate agent appraiser and Certified Expat Broker

Laurens Offerman


… has a strong track record as a real estate appraiser in his hometown Haarlem. As a multitasker in real estate, his next focus is certified expat brokership. Decisive and enthusiastic, that’s Laurens.


Mooijekind Vleut Haarlem

Ensuring that you’re happy in your home for the long haul. That you’re happy with your sale or purchase price, with every decision, with the entire process. That’s our core business. We look for the ideal match between homes, people and their preferences, and ensure a seamless procedure. We’ve been doing it for over 40 years. That means considerable insight into human nature, plenty of market acumen and ultimately a huge number of house sales.

Laurens Offerman

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Laurens Offerman

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