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Years of regional experience as an advisor, real estate agent and appraiser means we know just about every (business) property inside out. And because we’re entrepreneurs at heart as well, we understand what makes them tick and are preferred advisors for small and medium-sized businesses.


We’re therefore the perfect point of contact when it comes local market knowledge in relation to business real estate (BRE). Both in terms of ‘hard’ data and the human, sociological side. We use City Traffic for that purpose, the database with all current information regarding shoppers. Our knowledge of what people are looking for in the Zuid-Kennemerland region and where is unrivalled.


Our focus?

We like to work with:

  • Private lessors/property owners
  • Local and national retail entrepreneurs
  • Investors and property investors
  • Developers
  • Municipalities and policymakers
  • Accountants

We concentrate on renting, buying and selling, (re)developing and investing with special focus on existing retail spaces in and near residential centres in the municipalities of Zuid-Kennermerland.


What is our aim?

A good residential and social environment deserves a region with a healthy business, development and investment climate. That’s what we’re aiming for.



We achieve that by being completely reliable, transparent and easily approachable. Whether it concerns renting or renting out, buying or selling, valuating or appraising, or general real estate advice. By continuously evolving, we anticipate developments in the commercial real estate sector long before they actually unfold. In addition to being a member of NVM Business and VastGoedCert, we were the first in the region to be fully TMI accredited. TMI is the standard in the area of business real estate valuation. A reassuring guarantee for you as well. Check our other services here.


View our current listing of business premises here.


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